Just Thanking everyone

cjm70142October 6, 2008

for being so helpful, I am going to get started this week when check comes. Already planning trip to aldis and have a book to take with me to compare prices. Also reading all the ads I get in local shopper and trying to plan trips (when I am going) to pick sale Items.

I am going to stock up on Essentials so I can back and make from scratch. I know cakes and cookies are cheaper and a lot better tasting that boughten. I really don't like to do dishes so much but ok just a fact of life.

I made Homemade noodles this weekend and they were verygood.,also hit a rummage sale our church has and I have never seen so much in one gym before, tables and tables of clothes and just everything you could think of. We have it for 4 hours on Friday evening and 4 hours on Saturday AM. Most everything a . 25 unless extra good then maybe a dollar.

My point is I went back about 10.30 Saturday AM and almost everything was gone, I couldn't believe it usually we have to beg a charity or something to take what we have left over and also pack it up and deliver it.to them. put this time there was not enough to haul, just took to SA and I guess my point it I think everyone is scared and is try to cut back as much as possible. Well thanks again. I will be watching and learning. Carolyn

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Don't let anything make you feel defeated, you are just starting out and have already made some good choices to help yourself and your family. Every little you save is an accomplishment, it is amazing how much all these little bits add up so don't forget to celebrate even the smallest things - some people keep a record of achievements - finding a great book they wanted for a dollar instead purchasing at full price, getting a 2 for 1 bargain on dishsoap, every savings is a victory. Think outside the box - gee, that's nice sheet but I don't need sheets, but I do need a new cover for the ironing board - use the sheet and make a cover - look at what you might be able to do with "whatever" is what I am trying to say, it's an even greater victory if you use an old sheet you already have. Christmas is coming - gosh I've got gifts to buy - so go small, make some jams, knit some scarves, bake a batch of cookies - remember it isn't the cost, it's the thought. I think loads of people will be rethinking gifts this Christmas. Do celebrate the small stuff and give yourself a pat on the back - you've made the first steps and some people won't even go that far! Budster

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Something boyfriend and I have recently started doing, is splitting up some groceries. We are both one person households and found we often don't get some things used up before they go bad. We recently split a bag of potatoes, knowing that both of us often have waste b4 they are used up. Yesterday we split a head of lettuce. We can also split 'family packs' of meat that is often cheaper on the pound. A 3 lb bag of onions...the same thing.
Every little bit helps.

Sue...who now has 1/2 head of 'fresh' lettuce.

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