The moron at the Cr Cd co must have thought I was a moron!

Chemocurl zn5b/6a IndianaOctober 19, 2007

I called a Cr Cd company today to find out if they took phone payments (either via a clerk, or a voice response unit), and if so, if there was a charge to pay by phone.

I was told there was a $15 charge to do so, but I could pay on line for free. Since I do not pay things on line, I told him I would just be putting that card back in a drawer, and just not use it since they did not offer the service I wanted for free. (Discover has pay by phone and it is free).

He proceeded to suggest that I get $$$ (did not even hear an amount ) for just 5.99% interest.

Sheesh...He just did not get it. I wanted the free pay by phone service to help assure I would have my card paid off each month to avoid any interest charges. Occasionally the payment slips up on me and sending a check 7 days in advance to assure it getting there, just doesn't happen.

I cut him off short...saying I don't want any money at any good rate...I just wanted to make my payoff each month via phone to avoid any charges. I then asked him to pass it on, that I will not be using their card due to the lack of service I am wanting. Where do they find these people? He was just clueless.

I ended up calling a different card, and they set it up to take the entire balance as an automatic payment. It will be a little used card, since Discover is my main one...due to the pay by phone feature.

Sue...upset yet

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My bank offers on-line bill paying. This way I can make sure my payments get to the credit card company timely and I have proof of it. Also saves 41 cents postage with every payment. I am very pleased with this service. Just another alternative.

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Sue, you really should give online payments a try. If your bank offers the service for free (which MANY do nowadays), do it that way instead of via the ccard's online service. Once you set the payment on your account in your bank's system, it's THEIR responsibility to get the payment to the payee per your set due date. YOU don't have to bother with writing a check, stuffing/stamping an envelope, getting it to the USPS. Obviously you have a computer and Internet access if you're posting in this forum. Why not make use of it for your own convenience?

Credit card payments online are virtually *always* by electronic transfer, which means the funds apply either ON the specified date you set, or in some cases on the *next* business day. If you want to play a little dangerous, set the payment due date as the card statement's due date. I set mine 3 days early.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

That Cr Cd is the only thing I ever have to pay monthly...if'n I even use it. I have it set up to automatically take the minimum payment so it will never be late. It's just the remaining balance that I occasionally need to get paid to avoid any interest. Frugal, aint I?

Everything else is paid automatically from my checking account. With the awful computer woes I've had this year especially, I would hesitate to be dependant upon it for anything of any importance.

Thanks! I'll give it some thought.

I came across my old GM cr cd I got a while back (and never activated yet.) I'm thinking they have free pay by phone, so I'm going to check with them.


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Good for you Sue!

It's about time more people talked about how companies are not providing the service, so they did NOT use the company. It's acutally about time people started realizing they DO have a choice, and stop settling for things they don't want, because it's normal ... every one else is doing it, or because that's all that particular company offers. You can always find one that offers what you want.

Personally, I would take it a step further and write to the company that you are not doing business with and tell them why.

And I hope you folks don't actually believe that it's the banks job to get the payment to the company by the due date. That's still YOUR job. It's your responsibility to make sure that your bills are paid on time, and if the power bill (for example) doesn't make it to the power company by the date it's due, the power company is not going to shut off the bank's power, they will shut off yours. And charge you late payments, reconnect fees, etc...

Good job Sue! Keep making the companies you pay, earn your money.

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What is 'Cr Cd' ?

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Credit Card. F U CN RD THS U CN GT A GD JB.

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My initial thought was "what is the Chromium Cadmium company"? Especially seeing the OP name as "chemocurl". LOL. Learn something new everyday!

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So you call your credit card company to pay the bill & ask them if they take payment over the phone.
And you give them your credit card number to pay its own bill ?
Then they charge you some kind of steep surcharge because somebody's gotta pay for their toll free number.

Now it makes sense.

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Well you have to understand that those people are telemarketers, albeit far less repugnant to me than the cold-calling slobs. They're doing their job and reading the script they're required to read. Just like the checkout people are required to ask you multiple times about service contracts, aka extended warranties for only 75% of the cost of the item. Wow, that's protection!

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