How much should a new 120 brick chimney cost?

carriedaway212July 25, 2009

I read all of the information on tuckpointing and brick repair on chimney, and thank everyone... Ok, so today I called on an advertiser from Valpack to clean my chimney for $29.99 because it seemed like a good deal. I have a 100 year old house that I bought as a "fixer upper" 10 years ago in New Jersey, and I have NEVER had a single leak or problem with my chimney. I had my chimney cleaned last year, and nobody said I needed a new chimney....The guy cleaned my gutters (for $50), but said I needed to "knock down" my chimney and get a new one, which he could do for $2000. He told me I have a 120 brick chimney. Even at $2 per brick, that's $240, plus you figure $200 for mortar, and maybe an extra $60 for cememnt... That's about $500... Should it REALLY cost $2000? Is $1500 reasonable for the "work"? How many hours should it take to do this job properly? I mean, is this a "bait and switch"? Are they charging me more because I am a girl? In this economy, do I really need to do ANYTHING?? ANY help from ANY knowledgeable souce would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Why would you even listen to some clown who cleans gutters? If you want advice that makes sense, call in a few masons who do chimney work and get their opinion.
Try posting a few pictures from different angles and distances. Maybe we can give you at least some guidance.

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Sounds to me that the fellow is trying to sucker you in to a job that probably doesn't need to be done at all. IMO, anyone who advertises in Val Pack or any other free source obviously needs some work...and if they are a good tradesman, they don't need to advertise at all because they stay busy through word of mouth recommendations.

Please do as Ron suggests and post pictures.

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Why are you getting your chimney cleaned every year? In most cases this is overkill by far. Get an experienced chimney service to look it over, not someone who does gutters and everything else.

BTW, Val-Pak is not free to those advertizing their businesses.

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What makes u think lugging up all those brick,setting up scaffolding and risking your life on a dangerous chimney job isnt worth that amount?
Try it yourself and when u break your legs and do a crap job, email me my apology with flowers buddy.
Chimney builder 20 yrs

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