Cracked Ceiling and Board above it?

broken2009July 20, 2009

Well i was in my attic getting a suitcase when i stepped on a hole of insulation. Now the ceiling under the spot that i stepped on has a small irregular crack on it. My ceiling is the spiky kind. My theory is that i broke the board that was holding the ceiling. How do i fix this?? the crack is like 7 or 8 inches.

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"My theory is that i broke the board that was holding the ceiling."

The "board that was holding the ceiling" is a joist, and is a 2x piece of lumber.

What you likely cracked was the 1/2 inch thick drywall that IS the ceiling.

Repairing the cracks usually involves cutting out the damaged area, putting a drywall patch in place, and then matching the texture.

Matching is usually the sticking point, requiring knowledge of how the texture was applied. A good drywall person can usually figure it out by looking.

Short uniform random spikes (not patterned) are often produced using a sponge roller in wet drywall compound, and it not hard to match.

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