How do we repair a 'hump' in the floor?

booboo60July 27, 2008

I guess I will post this here and the flooring our laundry room we have linoleum floor tiles. At some point in time, we had a slow leak from the washing machine and over time this "hump" developed under it.(obviously made the subfloor swell) Of course we fixed the leak but now we are left with this hump in the floor. It has been easy to ignore but now we must fix it because we want to sell our house. :) It would be nice if the hump were just under one tile but it isn't. How should I fix this floor?

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Only right way is to remove the swelled subfloor and replace it---means replacing the finished flooring as well.

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thanks handymac!

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Is the "hump" perhaps due to some subfloor issues?

If you have a basement,and the ceiling on it isn't finished, check to see if the floor frame below may be the cause. I had a similar issue, but the floor had delveloped a bit of a "dip". The heating duct ran between the framing and because of that, the stabilization strapping (usually seen as "X's" between the 2 X 10's was missing where the ducting was. That caused the flooring to "give" a bit in that exact area in the upstairs room.

Your issue may (or may not) be related. Doesn't hurt to check it.

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