Is this termite damage?

dryhouseJuly 23, 2013

I was trying to mount a sun shade a few days ago. The wood right under the roof felt hollow when I squeezed it so I pushed until it gave and took this picture. Before I cracked the wood in, it didn't look damaged at all. The squishy area is off and on over a course of about a foot. I checked all around the rest of the roof line and it's only in this one area. It's also only about the lower 4 inches of wood. Right above this the roof was leaking and it was repaired when a new roof was put in about 10 years ago. I looked for bugs in there but couldn't find any. Although it does look like there are fecal pellets.

Is this termite damage?

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It could be but likly some other wood destroying critter long gone. Termites would need a tunnel in wood or drywall to soil. Better than feeling with your finger,use a sharp pointed tool like pocket knife blade,ice pick or scratch awl.

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"Termites would need a tunnel in wood or drywall to soil"

That depends on the species of termite. Check into what wood-eating animals are a problem in your area.

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