pouring concrete walkway

victor17July 11, 2010

I am trying to pour a concrete walkway around my pool. The problem is there is a 6" concrete boarder that is 4" below the leveal of the pool. I want to pour the walkway over the 6" concrete and extend it 3 feet wide onto dirt. Can I use rebar to do this or am I not able to pour part on concrete and part on dirt. Is there any way I can get this done without it cracking?

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I see nothing wrong with having one edge of the walkway on the existing concrete structure.
I would have an expansion joint between the walkway and the existing pool edge and make sure the other edge of the walkway is deep enough not to be subjuct to erosion or frost heave.
A 3"-4" thickness on compacted ground, a gravel base, with wire mesh in the middle and stress relief groves every 30" or so should give you a good chance of avoiding cracking.

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This is the first time I am pouring concrete and this means a lot to me. Thank You very much for responding.

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Along with Randy's advise, you might want to drill some holes randomly in the existing concrete about every 16" or so down the center of the 6" boarder. Use a 3/4 to 1" masonry bit and a hammer drill. This will give the new concrete something to grab onto over the existing. You can also drill some 5/8" holes and epoxy in some 3/8 rebar every 16" or so and have the rebar stubbed up about an 1-1/2" and tie the wire mesh to the rebar stubs with wire. The horizontal wire mesh tied to the vertical rebar stubs will help keep the wire mesh up off of the existing concrete allowing the new to fill underneath the mesh as well as over it. You can use pre cast chock blocks to hold the mesh up over the compacted soils/gravel area. The big box stores have them in the concrete products section for fifty cents or so a piece. Basically a small chunk of concrete with a tie wire embedded in that you tie the mesh to to hold it up off the soils allowing crete to get underneath the mesh as well.

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