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lilypad22October 1, 2007

Someone recently gave me a coupon for Rite Aide (? used to be Eckerd Drug). If I transfer a RX to this store I can get a $20 gift card. Also she said Target & Walmart accepts this coupon too and that would be a better gift card cause they sell so much more (at better prices) than a drug store.

I was wondering if anyone else does this and what tips/tricks are there and where do you get the coupons?

She saves lots of money on almost every RX she has, so I want to know more how to do this. The coupon says can use only one coupon like this every 6 months, so is that if I use it just at Rite Aide , then I could still use one at a Target then one at a Walmart within 6 months? Just trying to work this out so I can get my best savings.

Thanks, tish

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Keep in mind that driving around is going to cost time and money if you spread prescriptions around. It could work for a time or two but I'm thinking its likely a limited deal.

As far as where to get the coupons, I'd ask the person who gave it to you where they got it. I've seen these types of things in the paper with the store ads. I don't have prescriptions so I don't keep track of these things.

If you have that many prescriptions I'd definitely sit down and spend some time on the phone and see how prices compare. Years ago when I needed a couple prescriptions I found that Walgreens was cheaper than Cub. Bit of a surprise to me but when you think about it, the discount places run sort of "loss leaders" on everything I guess.

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