Door knob repair

topperdudeJuly 15, 2008


We have Schlage door knobs such as the one in this link: with the "Bed/Bath lock (privacy)" style (under 'Available Lock Functions'). Recently, for one of the knobs, when we shut the door, although the door closes completely, the latch does not seem to click into place (with the 'strike'?) - as a result someone can push the door from the outside (without even touching the door knob) and open it.

Would appreciate any tips/guide to help me fix this issue.



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the problem is not wth the doorknob its the strike plate mounted on the door frame. For some reason the latchng mechanisim, the part that sticks out of the door is not going into the hole of the strke plate. Try loosening up the screws on the strikeplate and shift it a little bit and see if that solves the problem. Otherwise you mght have to remount the plate in a different position or file the hole bigger.

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Another place to look is at the door hinges. If the top hinge is a bit loose, the door can sag just enough for the latch to miss that hole in the striker. Settling foundations can cause that problem---moving the striker plate as rjoh advised will work.

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rjoh878646 and handymac - thanks for the replies and suggestions! The thought that it may be related to our (relatively) new house (built in summer 2006) settling did occur to me as well. Will try out the suggestions and see if it fixes the issue.

Thanks again,

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