Don't buy cakes from Walmart

toomuchglassOctober 21, 2007

........ you "Might" just get what you pay for. This is hillarious !

Here is a link that might be useful: Walmart specialty cake

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no problem... I don't buy ANYTHING at WalMart!

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that's right, Luann! I avoid WalMart like a plague that it is.

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OMG! What a nimrod decorator. Here's another that avoids WalMart. NancyLouise

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The closest I ever got to a Walmart was the Olive Garden restaurant next door, where I used a gift certificate. That cake is hilarious!

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I have bought some cakes in the past when my kids want a specific theme that all other stores stopped selling. Every time i ordered i was disappointed. It didnt look like the picture shown at the counter. Theirs is a mom and pop store in town here that makes the best cakes. I can make a simple cake but not an elborate charactor theme cake. This store has always gone above and beyond the picture. Once they get the cake in they jazz it up even more. They even let me use 2 themes. My older DD wanted an under the sea sponge bob theme so they let me have a little mermaid cake with sponge bob on it instead.

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The prices here at Wal Mart are so much cheaper then other stores so when you live on SS you can not be so particular!!!

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Very True! My last kid party was for my son. He wanted Ninja Turtles cake. Senrty Foods was the only store that had that theme left. I paid $23.99 for a quarter sheet cake. They are under $18.00 at Walmart.

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ACK! I don't shop WalMart either. I'd rather make a cake and have it turn out less than fantastic than to pay for a cake that turns out complely wrong.

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I haven't found Wal-Mart to be so cheap. On some things, yes, but I come out better buying loss leaders and filling in with things from Sav-a-lot. I do buy bird food there, but only because our local pet store has awful food with bugs in it, and the good pet store is too far away.

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