Can you wash Swiffer Dusters ?

toomuchglassOctober 7, 2007

I thought I read somewhere that someone washes the Swiffers and they come out ok . Was that here ? - or do you know if they can be washed ? I shake mine and try and get 3 dustings out of it ... it kills me to throw them away after one use. Washable ? In a regular cycle ? Thanks !!

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I'd continue shaking yours out. I don't think they're washable. Anyone?

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Are you talking about the hand dusters or the floor/mop duster? I've read in other forums that people wash them several times and my understanding was that it was the hand duster type. Tried to look it up but didn't find the threads

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You don't need to purchase the throw-away things. You can use a variety of material as a replacement. Cut squares of old T-shirts to size and use those. I have some very thing microfiber towels that I cut up and use in place of the throw-away stuff. Then just dump them in your wash.


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I think that what you read was just as what quiltglo said.....Use old washcloths or t-shirts on your Swiffer and wash them. I don't think anyone washes the paper disposables that Swiffer sells and I wouldn't want to experiment with my nice Maytag to see if they hold up in the machine wash.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I wash the floor swiffer cloths all the time. They last for many washes. I have never considered washing the dust cloths as they look like they would disintegrate in the wash. However, I love them! No, not very frugal using them but they really do wonders around objects such as chandeliers, lamps and various decorative accents.

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I wash the dust cloths. They wash just fine. I don't put them in the dryer.

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i was in a motel and I saw the chambermaid using a swiffer mop (not the WetJet) with a plain old white washcloth in place of the disposable pad.

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happyladi & bumblebeez, do you machine wash them or hand wash? I thought I'd try handwashing and hang on the line. Essentially a rinse out, squeeze and drip dry.

As a gift box one time I got a large box (48 I think) of the sweeper cloths, pads or whatever you call them. Don't have a lot of use for them but if I find a handle at a garage sale or something I'll try them on the wood steps. I use the dusters and especially with the extension handle it's great. Holds an incredible amount of dust and I don't have to bend or stretch to reach high spots. So while not the most frugal in some ways, in my book they're still a great value. They cost less than the pain pills I'd need!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I wash them in the machine when I'm washing things like old towels and yard clothes on cold. They are fine in the dryer too.

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I never thought of washing them! After dusting in a room, I extend the handle fully, and go into corners and under furniture, and get all the pet hair I always seem to miss! They are great for using inside my ductwork as well.

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