Any advice on cutting costs for cell use and DSL use etc..?

bookertOctober 10, 2008


In need of refining costs for phone use. Cell, DSL, landline.

Have Verizon for home and DSL.

Sprint (5 lines 1400 min. mo. and use for business).

No long distance service on landline.

Cost is about $150 mo. now.

Have DISH for cable and need the SPEED channel, but would love to cut the $75 mo. bill too!

I'm in SoCal if it matters.

Thanks so much!!!

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Are you getting any discounts for bundles? Not knowing the breakdown it's hard to give any suggestions. I would say that most people I know will save money by going prepaid on cellphone rather than contract plans. But of course that depends on the use. You *have* 1400 min/mo, but what do you *use*? As far as cable/satellite, Dish is about the cheapest but it depends on what channels you want. Do you really need broadband? Could you use a slower/cheaper speed?

Have you done any shopping? Every locale is different. If you have SBS/Yahoo, you can get very cheap broadband. Right now, our cable company is running specials to try and get the antenna users to sign up. And a lot will depend on the service you need for cell areas too since they vary.

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If you have access to cable (not satellite) I would use cable internet, magicjack and a trakphone.

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Sorry I didn't mention, we are semi rural and don't have access to cable. Satellite is our only choice besides putting up an antenna. Have to have the SPEED channel which unfortunately causes us to have the highest paid service. 1400 min. for cell use only due to use for business. Company won't pay for anything.
Teenager does most of his h.w. online and we did have slower dial up prior and it was so slow it took FOREVER to get his work done! We have the middle of the road speed, no FIOS lines as of yet. We're in the dirt remember?!
I may look into a bundle pkg. but just don't like to be put in another long term contract, that bugs me! We have DISH and they have charged us for 2 DVR boxes that were returned due to malfunction so I'm out $500! No one in US to talk to and the people that answer all talk from script!!! ugh.....
That's my story.
I'd love to stop everything, but it's not realistic. Gas prices are so high it wouldn't pay to go to the library for internet access etc....

Thanks for your help! =)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I would think there would be a Verizon package for DSL, Land line, with unlimited local and long distance, for a lot less than $150.

I recently dropped by Verizon land line unlimited local and long distance 'package' and went with
The land line (about $14)
Call waiting ($3.50)
and that includes unlimited local calling. I then signed up with Transworld for my Long Distance calling. With a one year agreement, and paperless billing I get 4 1/2 cents a minute rate.

Anyway you can get rid of the cell phones and that big charge? I think once folks get used to having them and using them everywhere, it is probably hard to go without one. I have a Prepaid cell, for emergencies only, I seldom carry, that has a total cost of just $40 a year. I didn't give my # to anyone as it is just for me to call out occasionally.


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Dish Network has 3 packages that have the Speed Channel:

Top 200 @ 44.99

Top 250 @ 54.99

Everything @ 94.98

Pick your poison.

Any telephone coop's in your area? I have land line and DSL through a coop that lets customers pick and choose land line add-ons (call waiting, touch tone, etc). The only thing I have is touch tone. They also have cell service available with many more packages available than any of the brand names.

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To all,
WOW, I guess I was mislead when the DISH reps told me I had to purchase the highest pkg. to get SPEED channel!!! That trips my trigger! I've been paying for SO many channels I don't want for years!!!
We have to have cell phones unfortunately. Business use mainly. I did call to see if I could lower usage last night and we have a 2100 min. plan that is still within our usage. 5 lines, 2 teens (mainly text only) me and one for my mom for safety reasons mostly. No options at this time, bummer.
I will look into the Verizon pkg. deals. We pay taxes for everything it seems, including inside wire maintenance fees.
We don't call long distance on land line ph. and use cell phone for those calls. DSL is $25 mo. alone plus taxes.

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If the kids are only texting you could do well with prepaid for them. But again it requires looking at what each phone is used for and do a cost analysis. I sense a reluctance to split the phone up or you use 1400 min/mo for business. You could have one contract phone for the business with higher numbers, and prepaids for the rest. For instance Virgin can be as low as a penny per text. How much do they do?

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