Vinyl siding - Do I need to fix this?

littleriverbbJuly 25, 2011

Was outside this morning cleaning some dirt and algae off window trim and siding and realized that the siding on the side of the house doesn't seem right... instead of ending with a "clean" edge at the bottom, it is installed into J-trim. I suspect this was one of the previous homeowner's "handiwork" and was done to compensate for the fact that the house/ground has settled over time and things didn't line up, but now I am wondering what I can do. It seems to catch dirt, leaves, and stones, and you can see from the photos that someone ran the cable lines in it, so I doubt that the water drains from it very easily. I'm figuring I should at least pull the cables out and secure them outside of the trim, but do I need to try to fix this in some other way or can it stay like this? Thanks for your thoughts.

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Seems like the J-mold is the typical thing to do when you have cut the bottom off the last section of siding.It gives the cut edge something to sit in. The bigger issue I see is that ground level at that point seems to high. I don't know where your sill plate is in relation to the siding but it should be about 8" above ground level.

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