DIY Small Patch of Mold

leo608July 26, 2009

Hello. This is my first post and wanted some advice about mold. I have a ratified contract on a home. The home had a skylight installed some years back that leaked. According to my inspector, the leak had been repaired (we went the day after heavy rain and there was no mositure and he also checked the roof). Because of the leak, however, there is a small patch of black mold on the drywall near the skylight (it's approximately 3 inches x 3 inches). There's also some water damage in the laundry room that is adjacent to the skylight, but no visible mold.

I have two questions, would I be able to tackle this problem on my own? I called a mold testing company and when I explained the problem, they told me as long as there is no mold in the attic from the leak, I could do this on my own (tape plastic bag around mold, cut out the dry wall, patch back up). I havn't checked the attic, but assuming this is the only mold, do I have to call someone in?

Also, do I need to do this before the appraisal? I'm using FHA financing and I'm afraid I might run into problems if I don't fix this now.

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I would do what the mold testing company said to do. This is a diy project. You might want to spray it with Concrobium before cutting it out and the spray the wood after it is cut out. Wear a NIOSH rated dust mask while doing it. Also vacuum everything up when you are done.

Here is a link that might be useful: concrobium

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