Extending life of deoderizing beads in a jar....

krissie55October 30, 2012

The life of small beads in jars used for removing odors in the house can be extended.

After the beads become small and in bottom of the jar, add water to fill jar half full. The beads will swell back up and reactivate. Do this several times until there is no more benefit from the beads.

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Excellent tip - thanks for sharing!

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I like using disposable wipes for house cleaning, dusting, hygiene, makeup removal,etc. I am constantly adding water and shaking the containers. I used to dig lipstick out of the tube with a bobby pin.

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I found adding water to the beads to "replump" them actually
did extend the aroma for quite a while, I did it several times.
Thanks for the tip!

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