Bubbles in drywall

tinanJuly 14, 2013

I recently noticed this wave-like bubbling in the drywall in our powder room. This is a townhouse and none of our plumbing goes through this wall, to my knowledge. This wall is shared with a neighbor's unit. If there is water in the wall, I need to notify the HOA right away. However it doesn't feel damp and I can't find any other signs of water.

I am sure it was not like this when I painted a few months ago. When I feel it, it just feels dry and like air bubbles under the paper layer.

Is there anything else that could explain this besides water? If it's likely water I will need to get the HOA to have someone come in and open up the wall :(

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It looks like water to me. Maybe a roofing/flashing leak if there's no water pipes there in the other unit.

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Darn it probably happened a few months ago during rains and I didn't notice. That wall is a transition from our 2 story portion of the building to a 1 story portion, there could be a leak going down that wall - better get them to fix it before the rains start up again in winter.

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I'm having a difficult time seeing water damage there. Reason? Water flows down---not in horizontal layers.

Try using a hat pin---the long straight pins with a ball handle end. Poke it through a point above the bubbles and then through the center of a bubble. If there is water damage, the resistance will be less.

If both areas feel the same, I'd bet the paint bubbled the drywall or the previous layer of paint.

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handymac, walls have been painted many times built 1980 why would my paint (quality BM) suddenly bubble it now?

Also is it possible for paint to cause drywall to bubble months after it is painted?

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