Home warranty reccomendations?

osucowboys405July 28, 2014

I've got a ~20 year old house.

I am looking for home warranty recommendations.

I would prefer a home warranty that offers monthly premium payments, instead of yearly lump sum costs.

I need something that at least covers all the basics:
- Fridge, stove, oven, washer, dryer -- all costs
- HVAC Units -- all costs
- Plumbing, pipes, usual home repairs -- all costs

I have new water heaters. Old appliances. Old HVAC.
New washer/dryer. New microwave. Newer garage door.

I don't want a home warranty that would limit common repairs. Such as, I don't want a plan that would cover, say, $1000 worth of plumbing but not the full cost of some big plumbing problem. That would defeat the purpose of a home warranty to me. I think the usual repair deductibles, $100-150, are reasonable for major issues.

Would I need to get the house inspected for a new home warranty plan? And, what kind of inspection costs should I expect?

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A Fidelity Home Warranty came with our home last year. Service has been good overall (this house is 40 years old and we've had a lot of service repairs). First month here we had a slab leak and the warranty covers "inaccessible plumbing" up to $1000 so we paid the difference. A month ago our AC Coil went out. We went 8 days in 112 degree heat with no AC waiting on the red tape though the warranty. Kept getting conflicting stories from the warranty people and the AC repair guy. Very infuriating. I felt we were pushed to the back of the line because we were a warranty call and the AC guy was very busy due to the extreme heat. We were going to renew the warranty in hopes the entire AC would conk out and need replacing, but realize now that they are just going to piece and patch the system forever. We've decided not to renew and put the $$ into a new AC system ourselves. I know I haven't answered your question but if you are buying a warranty you should check out Fidelity Home Warranty. They were good until this last repair on the AC coil.

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