Ceiling paint, no trim, no idea

jubilanteJuly 28, 2014

This is a bad picture of the area we are about to paint. The flat area is the kitchen with 8ft ceilings. The adjoining area is vaulted with beams. How do we transition (if at all) from the wall color to the ceiling? We've settled on Agreeable Gray by SW which is pretty light. Yes, this is a DIY project for this week.

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Are you leaving the ceiling white? Is so, I would paint the vertical section the same color as the walls.


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see attached

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Just my opinion, but following beverly27's labeling system, I would go:

white, white white
gray, gray, gray

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Why not paint it all a respectable color of gray or do the 50-50 cut of the gray for the area that is marked white and full gray color on the areas marked gray.

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are the drywall corners curved rather than straight? that would make painting straight lines alittle more tedious...
i would probably paint everything except the beamed ceiling gray since it is so light... actually, i would probably paint it like that even if i had sharp drywall corners!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I agree with beverly

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I'd paint it all like Busybee says and then add some of the gray to your white paint to blend the beamed ceiling to the rest of the shade. I wouldn't chop up white in the mix.

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Yes, all bullnose edges. We're thinking about all Agreeable Gray, just don't want to feel closed in with the 8ft area. Thanks!

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