Does anyone sew their own bras?

adamdJanuary 6, 2007

Okay first of all I am a guy. But I am pretty crafty, and I am a quick study. My mom used to be a pattern designer/seamstress so I grew up around the sewing machine and have done simple projects in my youth.

I have been married about 9 months and watched how difficult it is for my wife to find a bra that fits, is comfortable and is somewhat stylish. She is quite chesty (42DDD) and I believe right now there is only one store, and one brand that will even work for her.

So I have decided to try and take up sewing to make them for her. If I can do it, I will probably make her some clothing, blouses, slacks etc for work.

Is what I am talking about undertaking something that should only be attempted by an expert... or if I get a decent pattern could I pull it off? Is there anyone out there who has actually done it, and can rate the difficulty for me?

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I think more important than whether or not you can make her bras,is the fact that you will have a hard time finding patterns and the supplies to make them.It's not something a lot of people make,and therefore the pickings,so to speak are almost non existant.Do a google search for bra patterns and supplies to make them.That will be a good start for you.Good luck

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Hi There is some people that makes would be surprised go to and join and post your question..there are a lot of bra makers there and they can direct you as to where to find fabrics patterns etc..

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I tried it & was unhappy with the fit. I wear a 38DD & wear underwires. In the end, I spent a lot of money for something I didn't use. It was not a cheap project to undertake. It was very time consuming. Besides using a pattern, I tried taking one that fit apart to use as a pattern & to use the supplies I purchased. When I go buy, unless I buy a known style, I can try on a dozen & come up with a couple the fit proper. There is no way of knowing that what you make from a 42DDD pattern will work for her after you spend your money & time making it.

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I have thought about doing it and found that is just easier buying them. I have made panties,slip and console. You can get some pieces in Walmart in the sewing section. hooks etc. check this out. these will give you some idea. Patterns are diff than store bought items. copy and paste in your top address bar.

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Check your library for the book "Sewing lingerie that fits: stylish underwear, sleepwear, and loungewear for everyday living" by Karen Morris. Seems like it had quite a bit of detail on fitting bras.

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Thanks for everyones input. My local Joann's sells a complete line of "hardware" for bras which is sort of what gave me the idea that it could be done. I have found a source online for patterns in her size as well.

I will definitely check out that book. And cost really isn't an issue. With only one store, and one style that she finds suitable, not that there aren't other stores who carry lines in her size, she doesn't really have allot of options. So even if it cost me 2-3 times retail to make one, as long as it fit better, and she liked it better then what she could get commercially I would be happy to spend it.

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Let me look through my books later on.I at one time took a course on making your own lingerie.I used to make my own slips(almost impossible to buy a decent one of those these days without spending a fortune,from what i hear)made my own panties etc also. Anyway if i still have the book,i'd be happy to pass it on to you as i know i'll never use it again.I'm just not positive i still have it,but i promise to look.If it's still here i'll post to this thread and let you know.

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Try this site. You may find it helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sew Sassy

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Check out the Bramakers manual. I've heard a lot of good things about this book. (Not affiliated). Sold by Beverly also has a blog in which she writes about bra making. I think it is

There's also another book by Lee Ann Burgess. Making beautiful bras - she also has a video to accompany it. You can buy it from her directly from Australia. She has a website too, but I dont remember it right now.

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I am thinking of making a bra dress for myself...this is the pattern I want and the here is the PAGE the pattern is on (more bra patterns here)
(the link is the actual pattern
hope this helps you both, good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: bra pattern

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Bras are time consuming to make mom and I tried it years ago after making a few decided it was easier to buy bras BUT we not that hard to fit for us it's easier to adjust the store bought bras. I usually have to take up the shoulder straps many bras won't tighten as tight as I need them love the bra hate the strap type of thing.

Quick Sew patterns are easy to follow come with many sizes on the pattern to be traced off before using they do have at least 1 bra pattern.

I'm sure my DD would be greatful if I'd make her some bras for while she is preggers hell of a time buying bras when you grow to about a 38M when preggers and change bra size about every 2 to 3 weeks.

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I have made them but the supplies are so expensive that it isn't practical unless it is impossible to buy one. I would check out the bra section of Just My Size. They have a web site and a free catalog. Prices are fair.

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I know this is late but hopefully the original poster will get an email alert of a new message

Both authors teach classes (and the first one is a man, too!)

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