Wal-Mart $4 dollar script plan

silver2October 21, 2007

Well I am discovering the co pay with my insurance cannot beat some of the script deals Wally world is offering. If you go to Walmart pharmacy online, you can get a list of the drugs that are available for four dollars for 30 days worth. I just discovered I am paying twenty with my insurance co pay per month for three that I could get via wally for four dollars. So that is sixty versus twelve. It is worth researching.

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I am saving about 58.00 monthly on my RX by using WalMart's $4.00 plan and I can get a 90 day supply, eliminating that monthly trip. Bettye

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Other places, such as Giant Eagle, have the $4 scripts too!
You aren't limited to WalMart.....

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So does Kroger in our area. I avoid Walmart like the plague. Ever notice how many Waltons are in the top 10 richest people in America?

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It's nice to hear someone say something positive about Walmart.

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I certainly get frustrated at W*M since they so often don't have what I want. But there's certain things there I can't get anywhere else and certain things that are WAY cheaper than anyplace else. My pet peeve is Sam's Club & Costco. I don't shop Sam's or Costco, though, can't get myself to pay $15 penalty each time I shop there, stand in line for 20-40 minutes and then have to check out AGAIN at the door to leave. Plus I don't need to buy a 5 gallon pail of peanut butter or 30 pork chops at a time and their prices are not that great, especially compared to W*M. Wal*Mart is blue-collar and Sam's is yuppie. I don't shop to impress anyone.

I got such a laugh when a Wal*Mart went into a northern town in a heavy-union area. Well the union was going to shut them down. That was the first laugh. Then they started the pickets which they fingured would shut the place down. It didn't. Laugh 2. Then the local paper & TV stations started noticing the picketers drive up, one spouse would don a sign and picket while the other spouse went into the store and shopped! Huge laugh 3. Needless to say, they're doing great and I asked a buddy about it. He put it bluntly and succintly, admitting that union people (and he's a BIG union guy) are cheap and greedy and want to save money so they're going to shop there anyway! Snicker, guffaw, yuk yuk.

People blame W*M for closing down small stores. They can affect some business, but face it, it's we the consumers that closed them down for not shopping there. Appliance stores close because people won't pay $100 more for personal service and free delivery and setup which costs more than that anyway. We screw ourselves.

In the same town, Lowe's went in and the local UBC closed down.

In the end, I use W*M as an additional vendor. No more, no less. They won't get all my business and not frequently. I just wish we had a good grocery store around here.

Oh, back more to the original topic, I got an email from my cousin who found that she could get the 600 mg Ibuprofen through the Wal*mart deal and was going to ask her doctor to write a prescription to get a double supply of 600mg size. She wanted those instead of 800 mg since you can take 3 of the 600s a day. I couldn't help but write back and ask her why not just take 3 of the 200 mg non-prescription IBs instead of the 600? Much cheaper. But that's me.

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I have a good insurance plan that covers all prescriptions, but the co-pay is $5 to $40, so $4 sounds good to me. But I am morally opposed to WallMart, so the closet I ever get to WM is the Olive Garden next door. My sister's sister in law is in court with WM on a sexual discrimination case. Not sexual harassment but discrimination based on sex. The women in her store get less pay for more work than men. I hope they win big!

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A $4 medicine has to be a God Send to people on a fixed income. I recently had to pay for one bottle of my medicine - out of my pocket. It was $438 for a one month supply. I almost died. I'm happy to see Walmart & other stores do this. It's about time !

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cynic- Sam's Club is part of WalMart. Sam's is named after Sam Walton. Google Sam's Club. Do you see Sam's 18 wheelers or Walmart 18 wheelers at Sam's? The trucks may have both names on them.

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I had my doctor switch me from one kind of med to another equally effective because with my insurance, the first script was $120 ($100 deductible), and the subsequent ones were $20, when Wal-Mart has it for $4.

Also, Publix is giving FREE antibiotic prescriptions! They're doing it to help out moms whose kids have chronic ear infections and such. Check out which ones are free at Publix.com. I don't think you have to have a kid to take advantage of it. That would be discrimination.

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