Saving money on planned purchases

trekarenOctober 28, 2003

Moral I learned today: An extra two minutes is sometimes all it takes to save.

I am getting all the Swan lake stuff for DD this year for Christmas. The DVD was next on my list.

I was going to just run get it at Target - $19.99 marked down to $13.99. So I froogled it first before I left the office.

Found that Costco had it for $11.99. The Costco is even closer by than the Target, and I'm already a member. So I ran over and got it! They also had the doll set I bought last week at Target for cheaper. But now I'm debating whether to return the ones hidden in the attic and repurchase at Costco or not. Right now I feel like I will only do that if I really get bored one day.

Anyway, it pays to take a moment to do a search for coupons online or froogle for price comparisons first, if you have an item you plan on buying.

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"froogle." I LOVE it. I'll be using that one!


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Ok, anyone planning on buying nemo for a present for someone? Circuit City has the best deal, at $14.99 for the dvd. The other titles are not cheaper at Circuitcity, not sure why this one is. But thought I'd let Santa's helpers know.

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