Fixing water damage to garage ceiling (x-post)

weedyacresJuly 29, 2013

X-post to Remodeling before I remembered this forum.

Our house is under contract to sell. Inspection was last Friday (we were away for the week/weekend). Inspector turned on taps to fill whirlpool tub in master bath and left room while filling. Went down to the garage, which is directly under the bathroom. Got distracted with buyers looking at something. Noticed some water drips from the ceiling, realized his bonehead move, and ran back upstairs to find tub overflowing.

He apologized profusely through our agent, said he'd fix the damage. They wiped up the water in the bathroom, and aside from some damp carpet in the closet and recaulking of a few baseboards where they pulled away from the wall a bit, the bathroom seems ok.

The garage ceiling has easily half a dozen leak spots, over a ~10'x10' area. The inspector set a fan pointing up to dry the ceiling out, and I think just intends to paint the stains on the ceiling.

My question: Given that there's so much (widespread) water damage, no air flow to the joists (unlike say an attic that had a roof leak), and insulation between the joists, shouldn't the ceiling come down, the joists be dried out, and new insulation and drywall be put up?

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Yes, but ANY sheet rock that got wet should be replaced---that includes that behind the baseboards.

And new insulation.

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