gap between concrete driveway and stairs

leakinohnoJuly 26, 2014

We've got a chunk missing at the bottom of our stairs going up to the main level of our townhouse. There is a gap between the base of the stairs and the driveway. What can I use to fill the gap? The missing chunk is about 2" wide. The gap is about 3/4" at one end and 1" at the other. It seems soil has washed out beneath the base of the stairs, but so far they haven't sunk.

Should I call a mudjacker or just try stuffing it with some roofing tar paper rolled up? At our previous home I've tried the tarry, asphalt roll, about 3" wide and 1/2" thick, but I think it wouldn't be the right thickness and it wouldn't uniformly fill the gap.

Thank you for your opinion.

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It would seem that the driveway/sidewalk has settled relative to the stairs...

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Looks to me like the sidewalk has sunk too. See the straight line on the front of the stairs a half inch up? That's where the sidewalk used to be. I'd normally just use regular clear caulk on something like that but you have a big gap. Maybe roofing sealant? Might be big enough just to mix a small bag of concrete. Caulk collects dirt over time so it starts to blend in but the color isn't ever a perfect match.

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Concrete crack filler, in a tube like caulk.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I might try mixing some cement, but with nothing to adhere to below (can see open space) I'm not sure how long it will last. The gap is definitely too wide for any type of caulk/sealant without first using some kind of filler.

To clarify, it is the driveway, not the sidewalk that abuts to the bottom of the stairs. I'm hoping we don't have to replace the whole 20x8 foot section of the driveway.

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Concrete crack filler, as suggested, has aggregate in it, can be tooled, stacks well and skins quickly.

And can be colored.

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"I might try mixing some cementâ¦"


If you live where there is a freeze thaw cycle, this is the worst thing you can do. If you fill the gap with cement, you've just narrowed the gap ice has to fill and expand to continue the damage.

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