Making a Family Tree

Cheri_CFebruary 20, 2006

I'm working on our garden club books, and I wanted to do a page that had a tree with all our members on it. I've searched and searched, even googled for a family tree, but can't find what I'm looking for. I thought of just a tree with the branches then adding rubber stamped leaves to it with the members names. Looking for a pattern or some other kind of ideas. Can anyone help? Thanks for any ideas.

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Go to a craft store that has scrapbboking paper. I have seen
paper with a tree on it that would work great.

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How about one of these

Here is a link that might be useful: Google Image Search - Bare Tree

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Instead of a tree, could you use quilt type pattern? That is with a name and a picture of flower/shrub/ etc that is native to your area. You could also show bushes with names in a scenic layout. Look at your garden and you will get ideas. Flowers, butterflies, ponds, etc. I am sure you will come up with some great ideas. Sketch several ideas. Good luck

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Thanks for your help. Googling Bare tree sure helped. I will also go and look at some scrapbook stores.

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I just got a order from QVC of 108 12x12 papers which are very unusual and seem to very nice. Wish I could post for you. In the pack is a very nice page (3 pages) of a tree with little oval forms around the base of the tree. Also included in this pack is a assortment of unusual pages.
If you want more information--code # price, email me and I will tell you

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