Personal experience with T & S Brass mini pre-rinse?

aliris19May 21, 2011

Anyone have personal experience they'd be willing to share about the T&S mini pre-rinse kitchen faucets?


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Let me answer my own post a little here. Well, not directly, I've still no personal experience, but information for the record.

In consultation with their CS reps, it seems the spray on the low-flow nozzle is extremely hard. The precise configuration of their spray nozzle's jets (there are many, many to choose from) will have more to do with how wet you get than anything else.

They recommend nozzle head 0028577-40 or 002864-40 for residential purposes - the spray will be more gentle and better-able to rinse fruits/vege's without damage than any of the others.

Drawbacks: Only 1-yr warranty. I just don't know if this matters. But the residential providers offer, the better ones, "lifetime" warranties. I take that as some measure of their confidence in their product, but I'm guessing at the same time, nothing's really going to happen to the commercial faucets given residential-volume of use.

Another drawback, possibly terminal for me: The mini pre-rinse line is recommended to use a wall mount bracket even if the whole thing is deck-mounted. I haven't got a wall nearby, personally.

HTH someone in the future.

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Hi Did you ever end up purchasing a mini pre rinse faucet? I am looking for one as well for the laundry room. Hoping to wall mount it on a stainless utility sink. Thanks

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Hi MaggieJune - No, I never did buy that. I ended up with that swively futuristic tube-one that makes animal shapes and has a joystick. Can't even remember its name, that's how far out of it renovation-wise I am! I don't like it much though everyone on here adores it.

To me, this was the hardest decision; good luck with it! Your faucet is certainly one of the most-used devices.

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