Waterloov vs. Guttershell

organicsueJuly 30, 2007

After doing some considerable research on gutter protection systems, I have boiled it down to these two, and would really appreciate any feedback on either one, positive or negative. Each has its special features, and both reps claim their product is "the best." So, would love to hear from people who have had either installed, especially if it was installed a while ago (any clogs? service, etc.), and how they are faring with the systems.

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I installed guttershell on my home and have been extremely happy with the product. We live in an area with a lot of trees and had to clean our gutters on a weekly basis in the fall. After installing it, I no longer had to clean my gutters! It's definitely a lifesaver and I'd recommend it to anybody.

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you can also check out the product at their website


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