storm door won't latch

Lexie76July 21, 2013

My Larson storm door is not latching. Lowes installed it in Dec 2012 and it was working fine until about 2 months ago I noticed that it was not latching. Up until 2 months ago the door was slammed on me. I was fine with it because it closed immediately after I went inside. Now I have to pull from the inside or push hard from the outside to get it to latch.

I am not at all handy and was watching youtube videos for a quick fix, including a video on Larson's website. I adjusted the top closer counter clock wise and it did not do anything. I took the bottom closer off and turned the top closer and nothing. The hole on the closer would not align with the hole on the rods!!! What have I done?? I am still able to lock the door for now but need to get this fixed Do I need to drill new holes to get the closer and rod to align? Is this the reason the door won't automatically latch? The nail used to hold the closer and rod together is not bend. Not sure if this means anything. Thanks.

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Here's a couple of things you can try. It's not uncommon for storm doors to get caught in a heavy wind that blows them open and bend the frame of the door and/or damages the closer(s).

Disconnect both closers. Does the door function properly, without the closers?

Reconnect both closers. Completely unscrew the little plastic cap on the end of each. Does the door function properly?

If so, with both caps removed. Rapidly open and close the door a dozen times. Put the caps back on and adjust the closer speed.

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