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caluminMay 30, 2013

I am having Pental quartz countertops installed in my kitchen next week. Question for anyone who has had this done -- is it important to make sure that the adhesive that the fabricator uses is color-matched to the quartz countertop color?

There is a company called Altima Adhesives which sells adhesive and has a chart to match every single countertop selection with an adhesive color in their inventory.

When I read the Pental quartz installation manual, they don't even mention this. However, the Cambria quartz installation manual makes a big deal that this has to be done.

I've gone on some tradesman forums where nearly all the fabricators say they just use stock white, grey or black and don't bother with a custom match.

Does anyone think it makes a difference?

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Sophie Wheeler

Color matching for seams is more of an art form than an absolute. While using the "color matched" epoxy is a good start, they need to have those basic 3 (and a few more) on hand to adjust by eye.

In other words, no it's not a deal killer, but if all they have are the three, that IS a deal killer. Unless your counter is white, black, or grey.

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Why not just ask your fabricator what they use?

I don't know whether my fabricator used that brand of epoxy for my Pental countertops, but he was like an artist mixing paints to get the color to match. It takes a good eye for undertones in color to make a seam disappear.

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You will definitely want color matched seams. A good fabricator can make the seams close to invisible by custom blending and matching colors.

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