For the Dog in our Family

elizabeth_txNovember 30, 2005

Had some scraps left over and saw a cute pattern at JoAnns this weekend for .99 cents. I just had to get it.

Poor thing...she doesn't look very happy LOL

Image link:

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The coat in the picture looks like there are pins around the edge...but it's not. Those little shiny dots are little gold studs I pinched on there. (Didn't want anyone thinking I put that coat on her with pins sticking in it).

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The pup's adorable (and the outfit, too)!!!

Mary L

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Elizabeth, that's the cutest thing I've ever seen. The dog is cute as a button and I love the coat. Mine will regret the day I saw that picture! LOL.

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LOL Logan. I saw the picture of the 'kids' posted and I think they all would look adorable in them. All dressed up for outside and ready to play in the snow! hehehe

Christi is a shizu and chihuahua mix. She's really small. About as small as a yorkie and can run like the wind! You should have seen her today.

We did a 'test run' with her outside in her outfit. Usually when I take her outside, she doesn't wander off...but today, as soon as she hit the front porch, she was down the street like a bolt of lightning. I had to chase her down the block LOL

That little dog ran as fast and as far away from me as possible. I was eating her dust. She ran about 5yards down, then bolted into the neighbors yard and started rolling! I've never seen anything like it. Apparently she really dislikes wearing the hat. She'd roll then scoot & twirl her head down in the grass trying to get it off. So needless to say, she won't be wearing the hat again LOL

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I wish you could hear my laughing. I could picture one of my hellians doing that. I call them the "Hogan Hellians" cause they act like someone's unruly kids.

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