Leaking sunroom

cubana19July 27, 2007

Hello to all. I live in Florida. I live in a house that has a sunroom that was put in about 10 years ago. I have noticed that when there are heavy downpours, it begins to leak at some of the seams on the ceiling, at the seam between the house and the sunroom and at the top of one of the windows (there it leaks the most). The sunroom has two gutters on each side. I'm having a handyman come out and take a look at it. My fear is that I will have to tear down the sunroom. Aside from the leaking it is in excellent shape. Anyone else have a similar situation? If so, how was it remedied?

Thanks in advance for any response.

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You probably need to have the caulking inspected and renewed where it has deteriorated. I would start on the roof where it attaches to the house and all along the roofline.

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There's a silcone rubber caulking I used on a boat for lots of stuff ... some of it under water, some exposed to sun.. even the through_hull outboard motor mount bolts = lots of vibrations.. lasted forever. 3m 5200. Nice Stuff, not real cheap.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3m 5200

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I would also have a roofer (or two) take a look at it, explain what they see wrong & compare bids & recommendations.

"the seam between the house and the sunroom' could be a flashing failure. Correctly re-flashing would be a fix whereas caulking can be a bandaid fix.
Roofing could also be the ceiling & wall leakage also.

Moisture is never a good thing, and in our hot humid climate it can be a real issue.
Stopping the leakage is the first step in remediating theis problem.

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I have the same problem. The sunroom is about 10 years old and I cannot find anyone to work on it. I have called roofers. They won't come near a sunroom due to liability concerns.

If anyone has any suggestions for finding a contractor who can re-caulk the glass joints and work on the roof-to-sunroom transition, please let me know.



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The best solution is to contact the sunroom manufacturer. Each sunroom is designed differently, with built-in drainage systems. Just because you see water at a certain place, it isn't necessarily the real source of the leak.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ambiance Additions

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This could be both gasketing and flashing issues.
Flashing where it contacts the house and gasketing on the lone window. I would second the opinion of contacting the guys who put it in. Second choice would be to contact someone else in the same business.

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I have the same problem with a sunroom. Good Luck on getting the original installers or manufacturer to do anything. I had failed windows that were replaced and now I have a leaking sunroom which the manufacturer or installer will not fix. Seems if a job is re-done it does not have to be done right.

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i just fixed a lady's sunroom who had the same problem with her sunroom in Austin Texas, I caulked all the seams and glass to frame joints, we did a water test and no leaks . i would suggest finding a caulking contrator like myself to have it fixed sometimes located under waterproofing. good luck.

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