outrageous gutter bid?

kirstenaJuly 9, 2008

Hi, We just got a bid to put new gutters on a one story addition on our house, and new downspouts on the entire house (2.5 stories). Our currents downspouts are backed-up and cemented into pipes leading to our sewer line. This bid seems really high to me. We live in Seattle, so maybe this is the going rate, but I'd appreciate a reality check on this one!

⢠Gutter Bid: $1151.25

57' K style gutter

o Reseal 8 miters

o 3 new miters

o 146â downspouts

o 13 A style elbows

o 9 B style elbows

o 2 D/S tie ins

thanks for any help on this one!

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Gutter people in my area Middle TN will not even start their truck for any job that is under 1500 bones. Sounds like a deal you better sign the contract quick

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I am in the Nashville, TN area. I just had a 102' long ranch house with a hip roof done with 6" aluminum seamless gutters in April. The liner footage of gutter needed was approximately 300'. In addition, there were 10 outside miters, 6 inside miters, 11 downspouts (3 were 2-story as the house is on a slope and is 2 stories high on one end) Taxes, installation and materials totaled $2300. I had 3 bids within $300 of this one, all from businesses that had a long history of work with good referrals.
They came back last month to put gutters on my workshop. The shop is 28' x 24' with a hip roof, or a total of 104' running feet of gutters. It was only 8' high, so the 3 downspouts were normal length. They again used 6" seamless aluminum, 4 outside miters, and the total charge was $400. This was last month.

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