Taller Ironing Board?

dadowersSeptember 24, 2006

Is there an ironing board made for tall people? I'm just about fed up with backache from bending over a board that's too short, and trying to press pants and skirts on a board that's not long enough. My Googles haven't turned up much. I don't think I'm talented enough to make one! Thanks from the bottom of my heart, and my back!

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This is kind of convoluted, but stay with me here :)

The office tables, the folding ones made of cheap particle board with a paper laminate on the surface made to look like woodgrain - you know what I mean? Office Depot has them for about 25.00.

If you get one of those and go to Home Depot or some similar place and buy a length of PVC pipe with an interior diameter large enough so the legs of the table can fit down in it - have the hardware store cut them for you into 4 equal pieces long enough to extend the table up to a comfy height (I'm nearly 6' and a length of about a foot works well for me) you can spread a cheap blanket over the table and use that as your ironing board, no bending and it costs all of 30.00 total, plus you can use the table for other things. I learned this trick when on the art show circuit - patrons prefer to not have to bend over to view product and putting the tables on stilts soved that problem for us :)

Hope this helps some :)

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Get one of those that hang on the wall and hang it as high as you want it to be.


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