minnie_txJuly 2, 2005

This is for someone in the Crochet/Knit Forum

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My MaMa use to make those on ketchup bottles (30 years ago) and she did some with bars of soap and on minature whiskey bottles. The whiskey bottle ones were always funny because this was a very devout Southern Baptist trying to find some way to get those little bottles. Thanks for a smile and warm memories.
Susan in Bama

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That is just too cute. Do you do Winnie the Pooh too? Do you have the pattern for it? Jennifer

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OMG, I totally remember those! Very cute. :) Brings back those memories of times gone byÂ

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There's a pink one still sitting in my mothers bathroom. I remember that thing from almost 30yrs ago! Are they coming back in style?

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My mom makes knit dresses for a doll that is stuck down in the tp roll. The dress' skirt covers the actual roll. Everyone she knows has been gifted with at least one! If they've ever been "out of fashion", my mom sure doesn't know it :-)


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