Help with roof color please

MrsShayneJuly 8, 2014

Hello! About 2 months ago I had a guy stop by my house and ask if he could check my roof. I'm in a "cookie cutter" neighborhood and noticed half my neighbors have been getting new roofs so I let the guy check mine out. He said I had wind and hail damage so I filed a claim and now my insurance is covering the cost (minus my deductible). At first I choose the color weatherwood - it's a middle color tan and I noticed a lot of neighbors have this color too. It looks OK in my opinion. But then I started thinking about changing my shutters and front door down the road and I think I like the darker roofs better. They also look richer in my mind. Of course a darker rood may make my house hotter..

Now I don't know what to do. I was leaning toward dual brown and driftwood but dual brown looks like it could have some red in it and I don't want any red. Now I'm thinking driftwood but I Googled some pics and Driftwood almost looks black. Please help.

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Here are the color choices. Brand is IKO Cambridge.

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Was that you that earlier posted over in the Familiar Relations Forum asking for help naming your children?

Oh wait, that would be a personal choice matter.

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@salt NO, that wasn't me. My kids names are Frank and Ralphie. I didn't have any trouble picking out their names. My roof on the other hand is causing me problems.

If anyone out there with a real opinion would like to chime in then I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I enjoy the jokes too.

Have a great day :)

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I know a person who had a reroof in what looks like your Dual Brown. She now says here house is much hotter.Dark absorbs heat light reflects heat. you may want to consider it. We live in S Calif.

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Weatherwood is the color I have on my house. It's not as hot and very universal color. I'd go with it again.

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