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terpflanJuly 27, 2005

I have a two-door garage with an opener on each. In the past month, one of them started opening by itself periodically. Also, the remote for the other door has started to control the one that's opening by itself. (The indicator LED light is blinking constantly on the one that's opening by itself.) I've tried erasing the codes, but I can't seem to get the remotes straight again. No matter what I do, both remotes only work for the door that opens by itself. The other door cannot seem to "learn" a new code.

I thought, perhaps, lightning has shorted out the one and it is in constant learn mode, therefore, the other remote defaults to it each time.

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Try removing the batteries from all the remotes you have and see if the LED quits blinking If it does then put the batteries back into your remotes one remote at a time and see if the LED starts blinking again. You may have a remote that is on all the time. Make sure you remember any remote that may be stuck away in a drawer or glove compartment. I think your suspicion of a lightning hit may be right. If the above doesn't help, unplug the opener with the blinking LED and program the other. You may have to leave the one unplugged until you can replace it.

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Don, thanks. I neglected to mention that the only remotes I use are the homelinks in my cars. The other remotes have not been used for a long time. I only got them out to reprogram my homelinks. I'm pretty sure they're not the issue.

One more question: is it possible to repair the existing unit, or do I have to buy a whole new system?


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The odds after a lightning strike is that your logic board is bad. It controls everything in the opener. You can replace it for about $80.00 if you do the work yourself. Your owners manual will help you with the adjustments. If you have to pay someone to replace it for you I would just order a new opener. It's really a shame that lightning does such damage and there is no defense other than unplugging everything.

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Did you replace the opener or did you fix it ? I am in a similar situation. I do see power going to the door control. However, the light bulb does not turn on and there is no power to the "sensor eyes".

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Buy one plug surge protectors and plug your openers into them, that will keep lightning from blowing the circuit board.


If lightning struck near by your house you too could have a bad logic board as well. If not you could just have bad sensors and a bad light bulb. I have seen lighting fry circuit boards and I have also seen it fry wall buttons and sensors and the circuit board was fine. Does the unit work at all?

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My two garage door openers stopped working after a near by lightening strike. I need help figuring out if these are repairable or if I should buy new units.

Model number is 139.53648SRT. LED in the back of each unit blink five times. On the first unit, the LED of the sending safty sensor is glowing but the receive sensor LED is not. When I push the wall switch the unit light blinks on and off multiple times consistent with when the sensors are not lined up. On the second unit, both the sensor LEDs are not glowing. When I push the wall switch I get two switch sounds but nothing else.

What does the 5 blinks of the unit LEDs tell me? Is there any way to override the sensor switches to test the rest of the electronics? I don't want to buy new sensors and find out the base unit is fried. Any ideas?

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same thing happened to me, lighting strike 20 yards from garage.. now sensors are dark, uniut seems to want to work, but when press any opener (remote or wall) unit acts as if sensors are interrupted and will not close.. can I just replace sensors or does the whole unit need replacing -- Thanks!!

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This is a real problem. It could be the sensors or it could be the logic board. The only way to find out for sure is to replace them. This is where the service technician has it all over us. He has the parts and we don't. It's a toss up.

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Sorry to hijack this thread, but I have what sounds like a similar problem.

I have a Craftsman 1/2 hp opener, model 139.53962SRT. The garage door has been working normally until today.

Whenever I push the open/close button, the motor unit clicks once immediately, then again about 2 seconds later. I don't hear any humming or any other noise to indicate the motor is turning or trying to turn.

This happens if you push either the wired button, or the remote button.

The lightbulbs are not blinking, and I double checked the obstruction sensors, they are aligned properly.

There is a yellow LED right next to the red remote-program button on the side of the motor unit. It blinks 5 times and then pauses for a bit, then blinks 5 times again. It seems to do this repeatedly forever. The LED is labeled D12 on the circuit board.

We are the second owners of the home, so we don't have the manual. I'd suspect the opener is maybe 8 years old. Thanks for the help.

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My outside keypad isnt working. Just blinks. All other remotes and inside switch work. Ive tried changing the battery and inputting a new code.

How can I reprogram a new code?

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Last summer my garage door just decided to start closing only half way and then stopped. Every time I opened it or closed it, it would stop in a different position. I got the maunal out and went through the steps repeatedly to try to adjust the up and down travel. I tried to adjust the tension. It was very weird. Then I noticed a trouble light blinking on the side of the unit. I searched for trouble light code information and found that it was blinking a code that did not exist. I finally thought that this must be some computer glitch and did what I would do if my computer started acting irratic. REBOOT. I tried this with the garage door by unplugging it and plugging it back in. It didn't work the first time until I realized this unit has a 12v battery to operate the door openener during a power outage. So I took out the battery and unplugged the opener. Then I put the battery back in and plugged the door opener back in. The blinking code light was no longer blinking. I was able to reset the travel stops and the tension. It has functioned perfectly for 9 months. However, today while I was standing in my front yard talking with neighbors, my garage door just opened by itself. Nobody was in my house. Nobody was near my garage door remote. My wife's car was miles away.

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craftsman garage door opener from sears model 139.18452dm
motor is overheating, door will not open and close completely,his is a brand new item.
An you please help.

Thank you

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