Wanted Homelite 707D Chainsaw parts cylinder

pcheffernanJuly 27, 2012

Hello, I'm currently restoring my grandfather's old Homelite 707D. I'm looking for the following parts, if you have them for sale, please send me a message, shipping to zip 46122, thanks Chris

56097 Crankshaft bearing Qty 1

56456 Washer-brake(recoil) Qty 2

56457 Washer-fiber(recoil) Qty 2

56967 Shield-Cylinder Qty 1

56968 Cap-Cylinder Shield Qty 1

57645 Cylinder (New or in great condition)

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eBay might be a source.

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You are doing a lot of work for a low quality saw.

If it is to gain some experience it still might be worth it, but otherwise it is a waste of time.

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The older model Homelites where built much better than the later models.

While that model was not as powerful as some of the others in its class, it is worth restoring ----if you can get parts for less than about $200.

More than that, restoration will be simply for the fact it was your grandfathers saw.

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I get my Homelite parts from these folks. A John Deere 'authorized dealer' in your area can probably do the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marlboro Mowers

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