Have you ever heard of a school doing this?

marbreeDecember 3, 2006

Kalamazoo Promise


They give free college education for kids who started in kindergarten and graduate from the school.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kalamazoo promise

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It's in the news because this is a "first" for any city in American to do. You can bet the school standards and criteria in order to graduate are going to be tough.

There are lots of countries that provide a university education at no out of pocket cost to the student. The academic requirments to get in to a university there are very stringent.

I never understood why post secondary education in America was based on one's ability to pay rather than one's acedemic performance.

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The money was donated by an anonymous donor who wants to encourage more businesses to relocate to Kalamzoo and to help make Kalamazoo a very desirable place. Our guess is that the donor is part of the Stryker family/company. The Stryker Corp. is based in Kalamazoo. The three eldest Stryker heirs and the CEO are each worth over $1 billion. One of them lives here in my town and she is very committed to doing things to make our town and state a better place to live and raise children. Her main focus for all of her philanthropies has always been youth and education. This seems very much like something that family would do.

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bud_wi - AMEN. More companies should take on philanthrophic endeavors like the one described above. Maybe students would study harder with such a system.

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