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brittward2002December 7, 2006

I am the parliamentarian of a newly formed PTO at a new Charter school. I have never been on a PTO board and have little experience in the corporate world. I had no idea what I was being elected into though and need some help. Half the members on the board have a lot of experience and the others are winging it like me. Anyways, there are e-mails flying around blaming each other for things not getting done and being unwilling to meet so that we can discuss those things. Some are also not willing to budge on their ways of doing things or won't do anything until it is perfect. It is my preference to stay completely out of this since none of it is directed at me, but am I supposed to step in to assist with rules as the parliamentarian? HELP!

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You have good instincts. Stay out of it. Do you have a list of the rules during meetings and how they are to beconducted? Just stick to that and show up at meetings to uphold the correct procedure during meetings. I would think that is what your job is about. You don't need that kind of stress!

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I have often trained parliamentarians for PTAs. Your job is to advise the president, mostly when asked. Know the bylaws and the standing rules (and alert the president if they need to be amended to match current practices). Understand how a meeting should be run, how a motion is made, amended, voted on. Quietly advise the president if he or she forgets to take the vote after discussion, etc. Be sure the secretary is getting the business of the meeting recorded properly too. Stay out of the mess you describe.

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