Repair of T1-11 siding?

rogerv_gwJuly 15, 2007

We recently had our house re-piped from galvanized steel pipes to copper pipes. Now, on the T1-11 siding at the water entry to our house, we have a couple of pipes that were cut off at the level of the siding. My question is how to repair this (make it disappear *smile*), fix the surface of the siding and generally fill the pipes and the area of the siding affected by cutting off the pipes flush.

I had thought about putting caulking in the pipes to provide a filler that would allow putting a surface treatment on the area, and then use some sort of exterior spackling over the area, then prime and paint.

Would this work? If so, what sort of caulk and spackle would be the best to use? I'm a little worried about an exterior spackling cracking over time, but I see some "flexible" exterior spackles out there.

Or is there a better way to do this?

Thanks for your help.


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Remove a section of siding and replace it.
Anything else looks like a patch job because it is a patch job.

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Okay, I'm looking at this as a temporary patch job...I don't know when I'll be able to get to the siding replacement, so until then I need to patch it.

Any help with the patching operation?



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Any of the options you have discussed are MORE work than removing a panel and replacing it.
How hard do you think popping off a panel is?
The stuff remains pretty low cost (less than $40 a sheet last time I needed some) and is not that hard to work with.

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Can anyone offer me any help with this, patching up these two relatively small spots for the time being?

I manage my own time, and know what I have time for.

Thanks for your help.


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Get a small piece of wood panel , preferably matching siding - and screw it over the area. Add some caulk and paint.

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"Add some caulk and paint."

And when you get around to a real repair you can work on the rot that has started when the caulk leaks...

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Hi, Plug the holes with epoxy or put on a piece of 1x4 or 1x6 rough sawn lumber. If possible install it like it was planned, like trim. You have to figure what looks best to you. Mabe on a short wall run it to the end or install a couple of legs on it. Hope this helps
Good Luck woodbutcher

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Screw a small patch of 1/4" plywood over the hole to allow centering a thin rim hole saw. Cut a plug of T1-11 with the hole saw and glue it in with Gorilla Glue or Polyurethane glue. These glues expand, probably enough to fill the gap between the inside and outside diameter of the hole saw, because your plug will be that much smaller than the hole.Your hole will have to be large enough to cut the pipe back flush with the inside of the T-111. You could put a cleat on the back of the plug that is about 2" longer than the diameter of the plug. Screw through the center hole left by the hole saw. Just like you patch drywall holes.
Then a little putty & paint should make her what she ain't...

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The last two creative ideas posted are very welcome. I hadn't thought of adding wood trim over it or fitting in patches using a hole saw.

Thanks very much.


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