5th grader's project

lizzybDecember 17, 2003

My son has just informed me that he has a project on New Zealand due in 6 weeks. Apparently he needs a penpal. Does anyone know of where he can go (online) to find one?



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Ask your son's teachers for resources. I just did a google search & it was alot of nasty sites that came up. I wouldn't want my 5th grader to do this search.

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There are quite a few NZ's who poat over on the Garden Web--you could put out an "all call" in Junk...But I agree--his teacher should supply some safe sites/resources. TOO MUCH SCARY STUFF on the net. And I think 5th grade is still too young for some of the "pen Pals" advertised, don't you? Reminds me of the time younger son's 6th grade teacher told them to research "Guy B. Phillips" on hte web-- (person his school is named after)---one of hte google "hits" was a male porn site...

I copied it to her. BOY was she horrified!


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