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sharlanetDecember 12, 2002

Didn't there used to be a homeschooling forum?

Anyway, We just relocated to a new state and my 3rd and 6th grader are ahead at their new school. They're having a hard time adjusting because they're bored to death at school. I'm starting to explore all of my options. Homeschooling has always intrigued me but I never thought I could do it. If I pull my kids out of public school, where does the federal money go that is allotted to my children? Are there some curriculums better than others? Where's a good place to start my search into homeschooling- Support groups or other homeschoolers, curriculums, what the state expects, etc? Is there a good website that you could point a newbie like me to? Thanks!

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We see little federal money in our school district. If your kids are not enrolled in a school, there is no funding for them of anyh kind. However, I do know that some county departments of education run home schooling instruction for the parent/teacher with some state funding for any enrolled families. They help with curriculum and parent training. Most federal dollars are for special situation students--Native American, special ed, poor, federally employed families, etc.

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In our area it is $1800-2400 (depending on the district) per child in the school. If the child does not attend the school the school does not get the money. I know this because we tried to transfer from one district to another and the school refused to release them because they can't afford to loose the revenue. If however, the child goes to the other district it does follow the child.

I don't know if this is state or federal money, but you do not get to use it toward the education of your children if you pull them out. I have no idea where the money goes.

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It is state money probably. For the most part, education is the responsibility of the state, not the federal government.

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