How do I find out the 'grade level' of books?

Momma_Bird_OHDecember 16, 2002

I am curious on how to find out the grade level of a book. Does anyone know a guide, or online resourse, to find out where a book is classified? It would help when shopping for books for my 2 school-aged sons.

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On some books it is quite easy. Look on the back of the book near the bar code. You will find something like RL 3 006-010 This would mean that it is a 3rd grade Reading Level and would appeal to children who are between the ages of 6 and 10. You are a lot more likely to find this on paperback books rather than hard bound.

Your sons' teachers, school librarian, and librarian in the children's section of your public library would also be good references.

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Momma Bird--here is a link to the Accelerated Reader list which lists a lot of the more well known kids' books and their corresponding reading levels. My kids don't do AR but I have used this list to find challenging books for them.

Also, haven't investigated whether this is true or not, but my son's 5th grade teacher told her class that MS Word (or Works, maybe?) has a function that will tell you the reading level of anything if you type in a paragraph. And, it's true that most of the newer paperback books have the reading level printed on the back (or sometimes the spine). Good Luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elementary books by reading level

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Also, if you go to, they will tell you the reading level of most of their children's books. I don't know how well this corresponds to the other methods listed above, but it's helped me.

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Thanks so much! Now I have lots of resources to find the grade levels - I'm going to the bookstore at lunch for Xmas shopping for my boys, I can't wait to see the code on the back of the books!!!

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