Simple way to save auto engine fuel

joyfulguyOctober 25, 2009

When you see a signal light half a block ahead go to yellow, ease off on the throttle and let the vehicle more or less coast to the light ... you'll see several cars slip past you at throttle in the other lane ... and when they get near the light ... the brake lights go on.

Jack-rabbit starts from signal lights are fuel wasters, as is rapid acceleration. Accelerate at a gentle rate.

Drive as though there's a raw egg between your foot and the accelerator pedal.

And smile - you're usng fewer litres of gasoline/diesel.

ole joyful

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I had, still have it.. car gets 22 mpg around town.. change the oil and filter and it gets 24mpg for a while, slowly deteriates to 22.

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I thought you were going to tell us to walk more! You are absolutely right (as always) in saying that conservative, considerate driving saves fuel. It also saves gray hairs and perhaps lives, too.

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A way I try to save a little fuel is to not start the engine until I have my purse stowed and my seat belt on....and then when I am getting out of the car, turn off the engine, then undo the seat belt and gather up my belongings.

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It always amazes me watching the lineups at drive up windows whether at the bank or fast food joints and the cars idling for long periods of time. When I use them, I shut off the engine as I'm transacting business.

And another simple way is combine those trips. And be honest with yourself.... do you REALLY need to go for that drive? Often it could be skipped and you won't spend any gas.

Also a good map or mapping program can be your friend. I've been driving certain routes for years and just found a shortcut that saves time and miles, hence gas. And I'll admit that the GPS has found me a new route or two that saves time and gas in unfamiliar parts of town.

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believe it or not, when i was 19 i had a Mustang GT 5.0HO. if it drove it the way you described i could get better than 25MPG in town and over 35MPG on the highway! if i drove it the way a typical 19yr old does, i got less than 10MPG/18MPG! i drove it one way with my infant son in the car, and like a bat out of hell if he was not.

also, make sure you keep up on maintenance and the filters changed in teh vehicle, it can make a huge difference.

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Tires pumped, too.

o j

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Great advice!
I'll add:
Use cruise control on the highway. Don't tailgate. Don't "surge" the accelerator (gas-brake-gas-brake.)
Shift out of overdrive when going downhill. Remember that every time you step on the brakes you are wasting energy and wearing out your tires and brake linings.
As someone else pointed out, forget drive-thrus. Park the car and go in. Often, that is even faster!

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Lies, all lies. Tailgating on the highway gives me 10 more miles to the gallon due to the vehicle in front breaking the air. Please feel free to bump draft me whenever you want. HOLLERRRR

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I know a lady with some kind of sneezing alergy that is an excellent bump drafter. She drives a full size truck.

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When bump-drafting ... how often does your hair stand on end?

Are you ready to throw yourself down as low as possible over the console if you don't brake in time and go under the trailer 10 feet ahead when the trucker brakes hard ... to avoid a deer, or for whatever reason???

You sure don't have long lead-time to twist that wheel to head for the ditch/another lane (that one hopes may be empty).

By the way ... did I advocate not following closely?

Good wishes for keeping your body all in one piece ... and your wallet fat (using safe practices - not much use in being, "dead right").

ole joyful

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