BM revere Pewter with aubergine?

aggieroseJuly 13, 2012

I'm considering painting my house with BM revere pewter and I want to use an aubergine color as accents (pp-carob chip). Will these 2 colors blend well? I'm still considering BM smokey taupe too. Would that one look better with the aubergine? Thx!

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I think either could look great, depending on your light conditions.

If you aren't already doing this, buy a sheet of plywood, have the lumber people cut it in half (two 4x4 sheets), prime them, and paint one in each color so you can look at how each color behaves in your light, outdoors, on different days and on different sides of your house.

You could also paint a border of aubergine on each as well.

That's the only sure way to tell.

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I have smokey taupe throughout my house which I love, but I think combining it with aubergine would create a dreary look.

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k9arlene, just curious what kind of color you think might look good with aubergine? I'm definitly using the carob chip so I need to make sure the color I choose for my "all over" color goes well with it.

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Ok, I don't know the specific paints you've selected, but I have gray and purple paint in my living room. (An accent wall is a dark purple.) I love it and receive compliments all the time on the combination.

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pricklypear, I will be using Carob Chip from Pittsburg paint for the aubergine accent, and I'm leaning towards BM Revere Pewter or BM smokey taupe as my "all over" color.

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The outside of our house is painted BM Revere Pewter with BM Cinnamon Slate. The two colors work very well together and create over all a very soft look. I'm imagining that a deep aubergine would work well with it too.

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