HELP! need to find specific old hinges

purrusJuly 30, 2010

Hi everyone,

I decided to paint the hinges to some built-in hall cabinets in our house (built 1964). Unfortunately while removing the doors I lost two hinges and one broke. I REALLY don't want to have to drill new holes. I have checked all of the local hardware stores as well as a couple of well=known online sources including Amerock and no one has these hinges. The replacement ones I have tried from hardware stores around here don't fit right-the measurements are just off enough to mess everything up, even if I drilled new holes.

I do have pictures. I am so annoyed right now--does anyone have any ideas?

here they are:

thanks in advance!!!

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Those are referred to as "semi concealed cabinet hinges". You might try googling around for them using that term or search for vintage cabinet hinges and use the term in their search box.

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Forgot to mention those are also 3/8" overlay non self closing or free swinging hinge.

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I was googling around and my terminology is wrong, your's are 3/8" inset, not overlay higes. Been awhile since I've seen these. Sorry bout that!

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thanks very much sierraeast! now at least I know what to call them .very useful information!

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I might be wrong about the 3/8" as well. Being 1960's, they could be 1/2" or 3/4" as well. Measure the step (where your middle finger is touching in the 2nd pic). If you cant find a duplicate, you might e-mail various hinge outfits with the measurements of the hole locations and see if they have something that you wont have to re-drill, use the existing. Here's an example of a hinge source, there are many:

Here is a link that might be useful: hinge source

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Ugh, no one has these. I looked at your link and also at Van Dyke online just now.

The other problem I am encountering is that the part that goes on the frame of the cabinet is much closer with these hinges than with any other ones I've found, so that the holes don't line up at all and it seems like the cabinet doors will fit weird.

I just looked around again for the lost hinges but I think they must have accidentally gotten thrown away. :(

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You may have to replace all the hinges on one door to get the door to work; the line through the hinge pins must be exact, and it doesn't take more than a 1/16" difference between the hinges to cause a heck of a bind.
If the new hinges offset is a bit different, you my have to rout a little relief into the door's edge for it not to interfere with the other door; conversely, you may have to change the screw hole locations to avoid being drawn into an incorrect alignment.
I'm pretty sure that changing all the hinges on one side is the way to go to avoid problems and make the search simpler.

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google "Amerock semi-concealed hinges". I've found some links that look pretty close to what you've pictured. Here's one link....

Here is a link that might be useful: hinges

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