HELP! My New Refrigerator's Water/Ice taste like Plastic!

ideamomMay 12, 2009

We were all excited when our new Whirlpool refrigerator arrived last week. This one had a water filter unlike our old fridge. Too bad that water tastes yucky! We can't even drink the water or use the ice because it tastes & smells like plastic. I called Whirlpool and they said to flush the system by filling up several cups of water & ice & pouring it out. Well did that and the plastic taste is still here! Anyone else have this problem?

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We had to do that empty and fill process three times before the water and ice began to taste okay. My suggestion is to repeat the process for several more times and then report back.

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Same here, first several days empty out the ice and dump it, run the water and dump it. Not just a few cups.

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There was a thread about this on the appliance forum some time back--the consensus seemed to be that it is common across many brands, and it could take a month to resolve, depending on how much you use the water and ice. But it DOES go away, so no worries.

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When we bought our new refrig it had an automatic ice maker so I installed a cold water line using a flexible plastic supply line. The water tasted terrible so I switched to copper and the taste went away. check you supply line.

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I have poured the ice out for 4 days and poured out about 100 cups of water. The Whirlpool service man came out today and he changed out some line and is ordering a new water resivoir. When he left the water tasted good, but now several hours later it tastes like plastic again. I think the plastic resivoir that holds the water leeches into the water and makes it taste like plastic. I'm thinking of seeing if he can by pass the resivoir and just not have chilled water. Maybe that would help!

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Same problem with my new Maytag MSD2576VEM. Lowes installed a new (upgraded) water line with the new frig. Lowes came back out to replace the water line. Still had the bad taste. Then they replaced the reservoir and water lines inside the frig. Still has the plastic taste. I guess we'll just have to wait a month or two to see if it goes away. Our old line was copper and we never had a problem.

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Having same issue since new fridge was installed in the time, we replaced copper tubing with new plastic tubing...we're convinced it's from the plastic tubing because ice tasted fine coming from old fridge via copper tubing...we're thinking about going back to copper.

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