I decided to 'go digital'...

cynicOctober 22, 2008

Ordered and received a couple coupons for the digital TV converters and picked up the converters today. Slightly disappointing at first, but all in all I'm going to be satisfied.

My disappointment comes in image quality. There's been so much hype that there's no snow in the image, you either have a crystal clear pic or nothing. Not true. Here in Minnesota, we get snow! And if there's not a good reception the audio will drop out rather than hiss and buzz like with poor analog reception. But I'm just using my old rabbit ears on it and it's working. I understand that they're not broadcasting at full power yet so the reception should improve. I'm going to hold off and see how it works out before buying a different antenna. I have quite a few more channels now and many of them are of interest to me. So for a $40 investment (2 converters x $20) I have probably as many channels as I would watch on cable or satellite and in two rooms. From that standpoint, I'm quite pleased.

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Our 17 yr tv died earlier this year so we replaced it with a digital. We aren't much on tv -- basically only watch PBS and the nightly news. So we bought a 20" tv at Best Buy on sale for $125.00. And we had a 2 y.o gift card for $25 -- so it was a good buy.

But like you -- I am disappointed. We lose signal constantly. I personally think it is a step backward. But I refuse to have dish, satellite or cable. And I guess that is where it "shines".

cathy (Someone who has no idea what "Gossip Girl" is all about!)

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The thing about TV, in my opinion, is that there is very little to watch on network TV. We always watched a lot of PBS before we got cable, but now we have cable and find there is seldom nothing to watch. There are amazing things on cable - National Geographic, The History Channel, tons of movies mostly uninterrupted, the cable new outlets. I don't watch a lot of TV - really! I don't! - so when I do I'd much rather watch what's on cable. It's so much better.

I never even heard of "Gossip Girl" til just now. I love "The Office" though.

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