Well gas prices are coming down

minnie_txSeptember 9, 2005

I don't know how much of a tip it is but today a major station had $2.79 on their signs and yesterday it was $2.89!!

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Here in Montana, they haven't come down but have stayed at $2.87. And we get our gas from here, Wyoming and Canada so Katrina can't be blamed on the gas being this high.

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If the pipelines only go as far as near your place, that's one thing - you are in an isolated market. Which can lead to problems of its own.

But they quite likely go to Chicago, etc., in which case they could ship the whole business to Chicago, etc. where their supplies were also coming from elsewhere and have been reduced, whether through oil platforms in the Gulf being shut down for a while, or refineries along the coast being shut down, some for much longer. Which would mean that the prices through the southern tier of states would be higher, and some refineries around Chicago might be inclined to pipeline their product to those southern states for the higher price, which would drive up the price in their area.

That said - I agree that I feel that there's a major element of charging what the traffic will bear in this circumstance.

But - that's what business does, isn't it?

We laud business when it suits us, but we ignore some of their less savoury ways of doing things - or shout that the government should do something, when it hurts us.

Seems to me that some deeper thinking is indicated. And being willing to deal with issues as they are.

Filtering out some of the bull that the corporate world hands us.

ole joyful

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The Montana governor is having his attorney general look into price gouging.

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In NY it went from $3.39 to $2.97. A year ago it was $2.49.

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I know this was posted last month, but I just moved to Texarkana TX and gas here is down to $2.12!!! What a treat that was, it only took $40 to fill up the van...wahhh hooo more money for the holidays...LOL. Its my opinion that is why they are coming down again so people will fell more secure to spend money at Christmas time...what do you think?

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'Twas 83.? or 84.? per litre yesterday, around here. Haven't passed a gas station in nearly 10 mi. of travel, today.

I'm getting the yellow light on the dash that says, "If you don't get some gas soon - you'll be walking".

Which I prefer not to do.

But I left brief case, with most of money, in library yesterday, so could have bought Five Bucks worth last night (after I bought the litre of cream on sale ... and the choc. peanut butter, also on special clearance price).

Just got brief case, plus a book I have on hold.

Taking son 55 mi. for birthday dinner at church where I was minister 25 years ago - so *must* get gas before that.

Brought my large can with me the other day, as figure gas may be about the lowest price that it may be for a while ... but it's still empty.

Have a great week, everyone - what's left of it.

ole joyful

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Last night took my son for his birthday dinner out to a turkey supper at a church where I was minister 25 years ago. It was 50 miles away.

En route I filled the car's gas tank, and the gas can, at 83.4 cents/litre, ($39.00 total) with gas at the Co-op store that's 10% ethanol - I like to use that occasionally, as I have the opinion (possibly unfounded) that it may clean out some of the carbon in my engine, and clean up the injectors.

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone.

o j

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