Are teashers using Pocket PC's?

ajjerry2001December 11, 2002


My wife is a high school teacher (History) and involved in a lot of activities (senior class advisor, organizing the prom and so on). My question is would a Pocket PC (PDA) be a good Christmas gift? Any teachers out there using them and finding them helpful. Or would a personal organizer be fine?

Thanks in advanceÂÂÂ.

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I've used a PDA for several years and really like it. You can use it as a date/address book and much more. You can down load lots of programs for everything from word processing to spreadsheets to grading software. IF she uses a computer for any part of her work she should be able to make good use of a PDA. You're a sweet husband for thinking of this!

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210 teachers at my college were given pocket PC's by the education department to help them organise their scheduals.. they all seem to use them.. i think it would be a fantastic present!

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