Single sex classes- your opinion

lil_lillianDecember 17, 2002

Do you think single sex classes improve students grades.. my school is experimenting with this now..

For health and Pysical education class

In 7th grade I received : satisfactory achievement

In 8th grade I received : satisfactory achievement

In 9th grade I received : high achievement

10th grade I received : outstanding achievement..

In 9th and 10th grade I was in a single sex class for sport... My friends also saw a similar results.. However when looking at boys reports when they were in single sex classes their marks were the same as last year or lower.. Co-educational classes may be better for them..

what is your opinion?? do you think english and math classes should be seperated ( even in early child hood? )

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Off the top of my head, I'd say I can see the value in separating middle and high school phys. ed. classes. But not the rest.

There are inherent differences in physical strength between the sexes, so it makes sense to practice physical fitness in a same sex environment. As adults, the students will most likely exercise and play sports in same-sex environments. So there is nothing to lose in starting that in school.

However, there is no reason to allow for inherent differences of intellect between the sexes - there are none. As adults, students will most likely continue in co-ed in a group with both genders is an important lifelong skill. There is nothing to gain by separating scholastic subjects.

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From what I have read, it seems to have some benefits for girls. I don't recall hearing much about the impact it would have for boys.

I don't really think they "should" be separated. But I do think that if separation as an option was available, it would be helpful for some.

I believe that gym classes would benefit children more if there was a choice between a sports/competition emphasis or a recreation/fitness emphasis. This would seem to be better than just a boy or girl class.

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I went to an all-girls high school and the rest of my education was co-ed. My grades were approximately the same throughout school, better now in college because I am more driven. I don't think separating the sexes does anyone any good. You lose perspective and the ability to relate to the oppposite sex in a casual manner when you are separated, unless you have some other place to meet. I had to work, and because of that got along a lot better with guys in high school than my boy-crazy friends. I could make friends with guys and they could only date them, but since they could not relate to guys well, it never lasted long. I married my high school sweetheart, still going strong after 10 years.

I believe the more diversity you can be exposed to, the more sympathetic and understanding you are as a person. Learning to work with people who are different from you- be it gender, race, religion, whatever- prepares you for the real world. Psychologically, working with diverse groups helps to break down prejudices (proven theory). So I don't think the sexes should be separated from each other in school.

I also believe that when separated, girls and boys are taught with emphasis on different subjects that may or may not suit the individual student. In my all-girls high school, there wasn't an advanced class for math or physical or biological sciences, but there were plenty in social sciences and literature. In the brother school, math and physical sciences were emphasized at the expense of social sciences and literature. I think it is more beneficial to allow students to choose their classes on the basis of their individual tastes and abilities, rather than their gender. I happen to enjoy and do quite well in science and math, and never really liked literature or social sciences. I was told that being an architect is too hard for a woman, and wouldn't I rather be writer or teacher. No, I wouldn't. I did change my mind about architecture due to my dislike of political office situations and drafting (two very important characteristics of architecture), and switched to veterinarian after 1 year of college. Which of course has just a little biological science involved.

I agree with Duckie that the proper emphasis for a physical education class should be on fitness and wellness, not competition. Especially in this day when kids are not learning healthy eating and exercise habits from their parents, and are learning that supersized is super value.

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I just wanted to add a quick comment, that female students tend to excel when they are in single sex schools. The research is out there, books written, a lot of info. JUST a comment, maybe not directly related, but at least in the same chapter!:)

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when I was a high school student I would have LOVED to have had all the disruptive students OUT of my classes. Honestly, they pissed me off bigtime--they got in my way like you wouldn't believe. And nearly all of them were boys. And nearly all the boys were disruptive.

Their presence in my classroom didn't teach me anything. Now, the presence of the intelligent, cooperative boys in my classroom DID teach me something. But it sure didn't happen very often!

In college I remember being really surprised that I was in class with boys who had something to say, who were intelligent, who could make a point! When I read a story by a male writer (I was in college journalism) that made sense, I was always astounded. Until then, I had assumed that boys were inherently stupider than girls.

THAT is what co-ed classrooms taught me about the differences between the sexes.

I think that if I'd been in girls-only classes, I'd have simply assumed that boys had the same range of intelligence and thinking abilities that I saw in the girls of my classroom.

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I absolutely hated being in a single-sex classroom, In my opinion it is a horrible idea, I was constantly distracted by all the males in the room, it was like having a straight guy in a room filled with beautiful girls'. It definitely isn't fair on gays.

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definitely not. then, what happens when they go to co-ed college?? babies.

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